Are Things Really What They Seem? A Perspective On COVID-19

Dear Reader,

I am not writing this article in an attempt to change your mind. I am not writing it to downplay any mishap that has occurred from what we know as covid-19. I am writing this to share a perspective, one that I hold after watching countless politicians, doctors, health leaders, vaccine companies share their two cents on the subject.

With that being said, the core intention of this article is to get you to think for yourself. Now I am not saying, trash doctors and go on a conspiratorial debacle. I am simply saying that you must be able to discern the information you are receiving about covid-19.

Final forewarning, I am not stating that covid-19 is not real. Nor I am saying that it is real, I am simply sharing tidbits of information I have received from personal research. Which includes personal conversations with virologists, nurses, doctors, and more. It also includes second-hand conversations with friends and or acquaintances who have had conversations with doctors, nurses, infectious disease experts, politicians, and more.

The Dilemmas:

There are a handful of problems that have stemmed from covid-19 that should notably be taken into account. First off, the obvious predicament that boxes people into two alternatives. That being, you believe that covid-19 is real or you don’t. Similar to the political state of the world, which I personally feel is HIGHLY connected to this scenario, we can’t justify away the problem with choosing aside. For example, most of us know that the flu exists, but those who take precautions for their health do not fear the flu. They trust that their habits and health choices will keep them safe. It’s not about to believe in the flu or not, it is to choose the habits that will keep your immune system strong enough to battle the flu.

From personal experience, I haven’t received a flu shot since I was in highschool, the funny thing is I haven’t had the flu since I’ve last had the shot.

With that being said, it makes me wonder only what else we believe is so dangerous but could be taken care of with building a proper immune system.

Moving on, let’s talk about masks.

Oh the great mask debate, to mask or not. To be the kind caring citizen, or the fool who does what he is told without considering the reason, logic, and science behind following a said precaution. The dilemma with masks really stems from my personal conversation with a virologist and also being made aware that most doctors are not virologists. If we take into account the size of the said novel covid-19 virus and the standard cotton mask we are all recommended to wear it doesn’t add up, as the covid is small enough to fly right through the masks we wear. BUT, it doesn't mean it may not provide some layer of protection. Similar to maybe an air filter, or something along that degree.

I recently spoke to a friend and he mentioned his relationship with an infectious disease expert. He’s said a friend who is an expert in the field of infectious diseases, said it's fairly pointless to wear a mask and the only real way to provide protection would be a full-on hazmat suit. Now if an infectious disease expert says that, what does that tell you? Well, it may not say anything to you because you didn’t speak to that guy, but you’ve seen the same fools who definitely are incentivized by covid mania via vaccine company ties telling you that your mask and social distancing will help. Until you take into account that they themselves go back and forth on the subject. Have you also considered that maybe a virus as small as said covid could enter in places beyond your nose and mouth, like your skin, eyes, or ears?

The deaths and numbers of cases.

When this whole thing kicked off, experts were predicting deaths into the millions. People literally went berserk, beginning to live a life trapped in their home, relying on instacart and door to get their food from the true warriors who risked their lives being in public.

The problem is the experts were wrong, extremely wrong. So if said experts are to be trusted, but are proven wrong, why do we believe without being able to ask questions. Why does it become wrong to consider other options if the truth in front of you says to do so? Moving further into the numbers I have heard a lot of people throw around #trustthescience like it's some social justice warrior trend. So if you trust science, let’s look at the 99% survival rate. If that is the case and really 99% of people survive it, why are we so afraid of it? Especially when none of us actually survive through life in the end, we all die.

It is said that nearly 274,000 Americans have died from covid this year. Now, let’s take into consideration the number of people who have come out and flat out said that their deceased family members who have died from other causes have witness doctors lie and mark covid as their death. Interesting stuff right? Seems like there may be a reason they are doing this. Maybe push up the numbers, maybe some sort of incentivization? Oh, and let’s not forget the 655,000 Americans that died from heart disease in 2018. Do you remember when we shut down the world for that? Or turned it into a pandemic? I sure don’t.

More hints from people in the medical field, is the extra incentives hospitals are receiving from covid cases. Do you think it’s odd that hospitals are getting paid more to deal with covid patients?

Let’s talk about the plain old ignorance of the trusted health professionals

When was the last time Anthony Fauci came along and mentioned that what you eat and drink has something to do with your immune system? Instead, we get told to wear silly masks and stay 6 feet apart, even when in line at Mcdonalds. Even when we know it's bad for us, but we’ll eat it even in a said pandemic.

It is almost as if our god-given immune systems are put to shame because they don’t matter. But plastic masks and vaccines will most definitely ensure our safety to battle any disease. I wonder how civilizations survived for millions of years beforehand without masks and vaccines, strange right?

Let’s talk about how political this has become.

Do you see how it has turned into a “Blame Donald Trump” experience? I wonder why so many politicians at one point said that we shouldn’t worry about it, but then turned around and said we should have and Trump “failed” to do the right thing. Kind of strange we trust leaders so much that fail to abide by their own “rules”.

It is uncanny that we want to for the first time ever during a pandemic, “shut down” the entire country. It seems kind of odd if we were to “trust the science” that we would also act in complete opposition of it (based on the numbers) by shutting everything down and completely decimating a large chunk of people's livelihoods. Is it also not strange that we have begun to incentivize people to “tattle-tale” on people who don’t run their businesses in the way that the “leaders” recommend even if it doesn’t make sense?

Kind of odd that we create groups of people who cannot even regulate their own health to go around and regulate what is safe or not. Going further, what is the deal with some states who don’t shut down managing just fine, but the ones who are shut down seem to be in total chaos with the most deaths? There are a lot of things that don't add up.

Let’s talk about the fact that some countries never shut down and seem to have battled it fine, but here in America for some reason we just can’t seem to get it together.

What about the fact that we are attempting to roll out a vaccine at record speed, ignoring the traditional way of trials and ensuring its safety. Why the rush, especially if we trust the numbers and it's not as deadly as projected and why most people recover just fine?

Is it odd that billionaires are getting richer and gaining more power, but average people are literally going broke. Why are small biz owners being plundered to death, but it's okay to go to Walmart? Why? Who gets to decide who is essential or not. Sounds kind of elitist to me.

Is it odd that maybe our global deaths haven’t increase compared to previous years, even though we are in some “unseen” pandemic from hell? Where is the increase in people dying?

Why are some doctors touted and some censored? We like to say #trustthescience but we shut out the science that isn’t popular. What does that mean? Why has social media had such a big play in deciding what is true or false? What do people who work at Facebook and AI-powered algorithms know about health. I thought we are supposed to trust science?

These are questions that I think should be addressed. This is why I wrote this article. At the end of the day, I’m not trying to convince you what to believe. Nor am I trying to promote some grand conspiracy, these are simply questions I and many other people have. If you have any thoughts on the subject or would like to bring light to some of these questions please SHARE and or COMMENT on this article.

Bring it to your friends who may have knowledge on the subject, lets cut the side choosing and get to the bottom of this. Who’s with me?






Chief of Sales @ ISA Industries | Poet | Free Thinker

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Skylar Lysaker

Skylar Lysaker

Chief of Sales @ ISA Industries | Poet | Free Thinker

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